Cloud Imperium

Art Direction, UI Design, Branding
Project Overview
Cloud Imperium Games is the developer and publisher behind the Star Citizen project. In 2018, they mandated Turbulent to refresh their branding through a new website dedicated to official corporate communications and hiring new talent, as well as a sign-in app to welcome anyone visiting their offices.
Agency: Turbulent
Client: Cloud Imperium
Year: 2018

Cloud Imperium official website
My Contributions
As lead Art Director on the project, I started by meeting the stakeholders to define the project's goals.

Through multiple iterations and based on the company manifesto, I designed a brand book with a clean and corporate vibe (a reliable 500+ employee company with the highest standards of quality) and some sci-fi elements from their games while keeping the existing logotype.

Once the updated visual identity guidelines were approved, I designed the responsive website's main screens, some print support, and the sign-in app for their office.
Corporate website
The main product developed with the refreshed Cloud Imperium brandings elements was a new website, to present the company core values, publish corporate reports and hire new employees.
Sign in app
We were tasked to create a tablet Sign-in app to welcome guests within the Cloud Imperium offices. The app has a simple flow for the visitor and a powerful admin tool for each of the four studios' managers. They have the ability to build scenarios based on their needs to welcome day-to-day employees or fans during special events.
We created badges as a keepsake for all fans visiting CIG studios around the world. I designed a system for each sticker to be applied to both faceplates at once, so that streamers could then freely display their badges on photos and videos without revealing their identity.