Art Direction, UI design
Project Overview
Devolver specializes in publishing creative and irreverent indie games like BroForce, Hotline Miami, Gris, or more recently Fall Guys.

Historically, Devolver have consistently launched their games with well-done trailers and impressive key visuals but their corporate website was aging and was not suited for their fast-growing portfolio of games.

In 2018, Devolver mandated Turbulent to design and develop their new corporate website as a more modern platform for their communication. The initial brief was to stay low-key as a publisher, and to highlight the work of their developers with a fresher, cleaner design.
Agency: Turbulent
Client: Devolver
Year: 2018

Devolver official website
My Contributions
Based on the initial brief, I led the design process by creating multiple mood boards and visual components. I was part of the client's approval process to define their updated corporate branding.

We decided to go with a very clean and straightforward layout to be versatile on mobile and desktop, very easy to update, including large prime spaces to highlight their amazing game artworks.