Product Design & Branding
Project Overview
PleaseFix is the world's first player-driven, socially engaged bug reporting & resolution platform.

The platform makes players a part of the bug reporting and prioritization process by allowing them to contribute to existing issues quickly and submit detailed reports of their own.

PleaseFix is developed by Turbulent, soft-launched in 2021 in partnership with two founding partners (Cloud Imperium Games and Ubisoft), and is now broadly available to the gaming industry.
Agency: Turbulent
Years: 2020-now

PleaseFix official website
My Contributions
As the lead product designer, I have been part of the project's design process from the first drafts to the product's launch.

We started as a small core team to define the product's goals, business strategies, and UX/UI design principles. With the help of other designers, I developed and tested multiple variations of flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. Then, I designed the first custom themes in partnership with two renowned triple-A gaming studios: Cloud Imperium Games and Ubisoft.

We tested and optimized the product during the soft launch with feedback from the studio's community managers, QA departments, and Star Citizen and RainbowSix:Siege players.

To prepare for the launch of the product's MVP, we improved the design system libraries and documentation and created the default theme that became the core structure for the product's future clients.
Workshop Miro Board
Shaping the product
To design PleaseFix's first iteration, we didn't start from scratch: Turbulent already launched an issue resolution website Star Citizen, years earlier. We had a ton of data and insights that we carefully analyzed.

During multiple co-creation workshops, we designed the first flows, mockups and prototypes of PleaseFix. We had the chance to have a strong partnership with gaming studios to gather valuable feedback during the conception phase.

We iterated (and still do) on numerous features to improve the product experience for our two target users: the studio community managers and the players. One key sailing point of PleaseFix is that it is designed to minimize the number of duplicate issues in the database.
Star Citizen ThemeUbisoft Theme
Custom themes
During the soft launch, we designed PleaseFix in partnership with Cloud Imperium Games and Ubisoft. It allowed us to gather valuable feedback from community managers who use the product every day and know their community very well.

I took part in the design of every core feature of the product, as well as the design system of the two themes that became the first PleaseFix live instances deployed in 2021 (Star Citizen and RainbowSix:Siege)
Flow screenshot
Test and optimization
After launch, we tested and analyzed multiple features to improve the user experience and product efficiency. Since our two initial founding partners have a different players base, we had the opportunity to analyze data and feedback from a diverse audience.

We are still improving and adding features every month, like mobile-specific optimizations for console players who fill their issues on mobile while playing on console.
PleaseFix Design SystemDesign System screenshot
Design System
One fundamental improvement that needed to be done for the product growth was to create a robust design system. We switched to Figma, and thanks to daily communication with our engineers, and some awesome plugins created by the community, we can now produce a new theme that is tailored to custom branding guidelines within a few hours. Our output is better, we have in-depth documentation, and the team’s overall dynamic has improved as well!
PleaseFix Marketing assetPleaseFix 3D Character
PleaseFix Marketing assetPleaseFix Marketing asset
I designed PleaseFix's marketing landing page and branding's brand book, including the logotype, colours and fonts guidelines.