Star Citizen Marketing

Art Direction, illustration, UI design
Project Overview
Star Citizen is an MMO game in constant evolution, with new ships frequently added to the roster and constant in-game events.

The developers regularly need to showcase all their new ships, items, and events with a series of custom interactive landing pages hosted on the official website.
Agency: Turbulent
Client: Cloud Imperium Games
Years: 2015 to 2020

Star Citizen official website
My Contributions
Over the years I have designed several of Star Citizen's sale pages and micro-sites. We regularly pitched new ideas to the game artists, developers, and the marketing team and collaborated with them to build these projects.

Whenever new spacecrafts are announced, the team will need to highlight the ship's main features with interactive modules. The challenge is to design something that feels fresh and exciting every time, following without fail the specificities and brand identity of each ship's fictional manufacturer.

For special events, like the yearly anniversary celebrations, we typically have more leeway to produce an original piece of art direction. It was certainly fun to see our visuals become used on posters and booth banners during real-life events or even integrated in-game.

I also crafted multiple animations to create a premium feel to these pages, like loop videos of ships in space during combat or vector loading animations exported with Lottie.
Sales Pages
Star Citizen sale pages highlight each ship's best features with integrated video banners, slideshows with concept arts and in-engine screenshots, in-depth downloadable PDF brochures, and interactive modules.
Hero Banners Loop Animation
Based on the incredible work of CIG's in-house artists, I animated several hero banners to bring life to spaceships, often in early "concept" phase months before they are ready to be released in the game.
Logos Animation
Star Citizen's manufacturer logotypes are designed by CIG artists and are widely featured in all  marketing projects. I was in charge of creating a vector Lottie animated library that could be used in loaders, page transitions, or hover effects.
2017 Anniversary Event
Every year, the Star Citizen community celebrates the project's anniversary with an event, including an in-game "free fly" event allowing players to try different ships, and web mini-games to test their knowledge. In 2017, I designed a retro art direction with custom illustrations, used in various interactive and print supports.