The Coast

VR Experiementation, Concept Art, Branding
Project Overview
The Coast is a VR music video that takes its viewer through the upbeat landscape of an exotic island, rich in color and lush with life, to the rhythm of Montreal-based band Valaire's soundtrack.

The project is an initiative of Turbulent's Lab, the experimental division of the company, in which the tech and creative team collaborate in a playful process.

The VR experience was featured at festivals, shows and is available for free on the Oculus Store with a 4.5 stars rating.
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Agency: Turbulent
Client: Turbulent, Valaire, Sodec, Radio-Canada
Year: 2020
My Contributions
After multiple phases of creative iterations to define the experience's storytelling, I mainly focused my workflow around creating concept art and mood boards during the conception phase, then developing the project's branding, like the animated logotype, the website, Oculus Store assets, etc.

The Coast was a 5-people team effort comprising a panel of design and tech backgrounds and the band's own members. Every voice mattered for all aspects of the project, which also meant that anyone's role was wider and blurrier than on more traditionally-structured projects.
I created concept art sketches and storyboards during the project's conception phase to give directions to the team's 3D artist.
VR experience
Screenshots taken from the experience featuring different parts of the island, in which the user will travel during the 4min tropical trip.